Cadence Magazine

Brain Dance
Carlo De Rosa's Cross-Fade
[Cuneiform Rune 317]

By Jerome Wilson / Jul - Aug - Sep 2011 Issue

Brain Dance is a throwback to the fussier side of ‘70s Jazz-rock fusion. This music is mostly angles and corners with wriggling sax and piano soloing over choppy rhythms both on fast pieces like “Circular Woes" and slower ones like “Headbanger’s Bawl." Even though this CD includes big time players like Vijay Iyer and Mark Shim, most of the music doesn’t do much for me. It comes off all instrumental dexterity without real feeling. Pieces like “Maja" and “Terrane" are much better since they feature longer melodic lines that give the musicians space to work. Iyer’s cascading piano really sounds nice on “Maja" while Shim blasts wildly over the jolting, forceful rhythm of “Terrane."